The successful delivery of capital projects continues to elude some of the most sophisticated clients. Products, materials and systems are increasing in complexity. Availability of skilled and experienced resources is dwindling. The pace of business and construction is being pushed to the limits. More and more is being expected from our projects. In a world of increasing difficulty and risk around construction it is essential that we, as leaders of these ventures, continue to improve our abilities to avoid pitfalls and strive to meet the demanding expectations of our clients.

Welcome to Gillam Group – a construction management company established by a collection of highly respected, senior industry professionals with the common goal of significantly improving the way construction projects are delivered.

Prior to forming Gillam Group, the company’s founders enjoyed successful careers with leading national general contractors in southern Ontario, gaining extensive experience managing large, complex and award-winning projects in the ICI sector.

Gillam Group brings exceptional capability to projects in the ICI and residential construction sectors. Our involvement with P3 projects has greatly informed our approach, in particular, the importance of using the pre-construction period to plan the work efficiently and mitigate risks.

Gillam Group is a proud member of the Toronto Construction Association and Barrie Construction Association.

The following values represent the fabric of our organization:

  1. Respect the interests of our clients at all times
  2. Develop long-term relationships with all of our business partners
  3. Incorporate sustainability, efficiency and integrity in all aspects of our work
  4. Maintain a safe work environment
  5. Contribute to the communities in which we work