Gillam Group (GGI) is a relationship-based company, meaning that we focus on developing and maintaining long-term relationships with all of our business partners.

We are non-adversarial, non-claims oriented and flexible in how we approach construction.

Key aspects of our approach include:


Our people have risen to occupy demanding executive and senior roles within large construction organizations. The leadership quality of GGI’s people is a key element of our service and it motivates client, consultant and trade contractor teams to perform to the best of their abilities.


GGI’s personnel have extensive experience as a general contractor and construction manager. As “poacher turned gamekeeper” we know how to protect our client’s interests to avoid many risks inherent in the building process.


Our people are known as competent and ethical managers who have made significant contributions in raising the standards of the industry. Our reputation as “firm but fair” motivates the supply chain to offer its best pricing and performance with the knowledge a safe pair of hands is at the helm.


We don’t use this word lightly. Our people adopt a close working relationship with our clients to the extent we have worked in our clients’ offices, worn our clients’ uniforms and shared our clients’ cultures. Our people become our clients’ “building department” as we combine forces to create effective synergies.


Our team has extensive experience with projects that are designed, constructed and commissioned according to the Leadership in Energy Efficient Design program. This knowledge helps project teams make intelligent and cost-effective choices to incorporate sustainable features into their projects.

Our approach on every project is tailored to our client’s specific requirements and our services are delivered in an atmosphere of transparency, teamwork and trust.