green iconSymcor Inc.

Symcor is one of Canada’s leading financial processing services providers, supporting major banks, retail establishments and telecommunications companies across Canada. Symcor's footprint extends across 14 locations throughout Canada. Any work carried out for Symcor requires the highest level of security and security protocols, which in many cases may be undertaken in data centres or occupied premises. In particular, mechanical, electrical and IT systems work must be closely coordinated, and all systems must remain operational during all stages of a project. This demands a close working relationship with not only the client, but the building’s owner/operator and designated trade contractors and design professionals.

Gillam Group has successfully completed three projects for Symcor; all at confidential locations in Toronto. These projects were comprised of interior renovations within a high security environment including interfacing with Symcor’s cutting edge security and data systems. All projects were completed on time and on budget.

Location: Toronto
Delivery: General contracting
Design Team: Ehvert Engineering; Dialog