Located within Kitchener, Ontario, Virerra Village has been designed as a mixed-use development. A landmark community that thoughtfully integrates residential living amongst green spaces and an array of diverse and complementary amenities of daily living in a pedestrian friendly setting. The village hosts a broad range of residential, mid-sized retail/commercial and office uses with a focus on providing users with the ability to engage in their community through social amenities and public spaces as well as offer an array of goods and services of daily life to a broad demographic. The collective vision directing Virerra Village was rooted in creating an innovative and sustainable community rich in lifestyle amenities. This development’s vision was crafted in response to the desires of today’s lifestyle generation.

Viridis Developments appointed Gillam Group as the construction manager for this multi-phase residential development. Key areas of focus include budgeting, value engineering, constructability reviews and logistic planning.

Key challenges include the following:

  1. Determining optimum underground design so as to minimize shoring costs
  2. Determining phasing of the podium elements and parking structure to cut down on the investment needed in the first phase
  3. Compressing the schedule to achieve tight floor cycle
  4. Involvement of local trades for responsiveness and cost competitiveness while balancing local capacity
  5. Working with the client and design team to agree building systems that meet the client’s quality and cost objectives