The Royal Ontario Museum is taking exciting steps in making the Bloor Street plaza far more engaging, and accessible to all. The Performance Terrace is located on the north west side of the Museum overlooking Philosopher’s Walk. The outdoor performance and event space will provide a unique open-air venue for music, theatre and performances for all to enjoy. The project is also known as the “Welcome Project”.

The project includes new elevated slabs over the fire exit and main mechanical fresh air intake, and beside the squeezed in beside the main electrical duck bank, on the west and busy Bloor street to the north and main entrance to the east, making logistics and safety a daily/hourly challenge for the construction.

Gillam engaged in extensive pre-construction value engineering, planning including a project-specific logistics plan, schedule and budget control that set the stage for seamless construction operation while not impacting the existing client’s activities.

Key challenges include managing construction on a highly constrained urban site, performing major construction work adjacent to occupied spaces, tying into operational life safety systems, and managing safety.