The Toronto Centre for the Arts and City of Toronto appointed Gillam Group for pre-construction planning and construction management services to build two world-class theatres at 5040 Yonge Street, Toronto. The Project will subdivide the single 1,750 seat Main Stage Theatre at the existing proscenium location into two smaller fully functional performance venues:

The Stage Tower Theatre (Phase 1) features new telescopic seating and a custom tension wire grid mounted three levels above the performance area. The theatre accommodates approximately 290 seats in the existing stage house area of the Main Stage Theatre. State-of-the-art acoustic separations allow both theatres to accommodate performances simultaneously.

The Lyric Theatre (Phase 2) features a stunning acoustic and architectural fabric enclosure shaped by a multi-angled steel lattice. The enclosure spans all three levels of the theatre and is backlit with an array of LED lights. The theatre accommodates approximately 560 seats in the existing audience chamber of the Main Stage Theatre.

Key challenges included:

  1. Coordination of the work within an operational facility and ensuring no disruption to the Centre’s ongoing programs and performances
  2. Ensuring compliance with the City of Toronto’s procurement protocols
  3. Coordinating with a large team of government stakeholders
  4. Working to a fast track schedule
  5. Managing a complex and highly customized construction scope of work

The project received a “Best of the Best” award from the Toronto Construction Association in 2016.